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Liau Estate Homes is a truly Malaysian family owned business specializing in the development of boutique luxury mansions and homes. Our aim is to visualize and develop dream homes to the precise specifications of our clientele's needs and wants.

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Developing and renovating homes for over 10 years we have vast experience in building luxurious boutique homes in Kuala Lumpur and all around the Klang Valley. Most importantly we understand our client's needs, and work with our clients to deliver their most important asset in life.

By understanding our client's needs, we take a step by step approach to slowing formulating a theme, and then making that same theme flow throughout the whole building. We take into account the aspect of comfort, while always maintaining first class luxury, where we focus all our passion and devotion.

Being proud Malaysians, with vast travel experience and having lived in different overseas countries, we want to bring Malaysia to the next level of luxury and future developments. 

Liau Estate Homes have designed and developed mansions in the Tropicana area, as well as in Ampang. Please visit our dream home gallery to view pictures of our most recent developments.

Liau Estate Homes do not only develop dream homes and mansions, we also bring your dream garden to reality. With our expertise with landscaping and experience in designing showcase gardens, we have made it an art to have a beautiful garden on display. Please visit our garden gallery for pictures of our fine gardens creations.

Liau Estate Homes have also been featured on the lifestyles section of the star newspaper in 2007 and have been featured in other design magazines. To read the article, please visit our news articles section.

So if you want to feel pampered with fine class living in your very own lap of luxury, please contact us, as we care about your needs, and making your dreams a reality.